Harry Connick, Jr. FAQ

What piano do you play?
Steinway Model D - 9’ Concert Grand Piano Late 1990’s model

Will you play at my wedding?
Unfortunately, Harry cannot commit to performing at private gatherings such as weddings. Due to the high volume of these types of requests, it is impossible for him to appear at every event to which he is invited, and he feels that it would be unfair to perform at only a few selected events.

Are your musical arrangements available anywhere?
Musical arrangements for several of Harry’s compositions are available at www.musicnotes.com . There were two song books published of Harry’s vocal and piano arrangements titled “The Harry Connick, Jr. Songbook” and “Blue Light, Red Light” which are now out of print.

Do you have a fan club? If so, how do I join?
Yes, and you can join the Official Harry Connick, Jr. Fan Club online or via regular mail by visiting www.harryconnickjr.com/fanclub for more details.

Harry, I understand that you are extremely involved in post-Katrina rebuilding efforts. I want to try and help as well, what are the ways I can get involved?
Since Hurricane Katrina, Branford Marsalis and I have been involved with New Orleans Area Habitat for Humanity and the Musicians’ Village. The core idea behind the village is that it will provide a home for displaced musicians and other deserving families after Katrina. New Orleans’ rich musical heritage shaped the musical vernacular of the world and we see it as a small way we can give back to those who have given so much. For more information, please visit the New Orleans Habitat Musicians’ Village website at www.NOLAmusiciansvillage.org or to help with rebuilding efforts as a volunteer email volunteer [at] habitat-nola [dot] org