Harry Connick, Jr. - Music From The Happy Elf

Music From The Happy Elf
September 2011
  1. The Happy Elf Read-Along
  2. The Happy Elf
  3. Santarrific
  4. Naughty Children of Bluesville
  5. Bluesville
  6. The What Song
  7. The PH Song
  8. Two Scoops of Christmas
  9. The Magic Hat
  10. Operation Yule Tide Turning
  11. Christmas Day
  12. What A Night
  13. Gotta Be On My Way
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Celebrate the holidays with Harry Connic, Jr.’s “The Happy Elf” and start a new tradition!

From Grammy Award winner Harry Connick, Jr. comes a new instrumental jazz holiday album, Music From The Happy Elf. Offered as a companion disc to The Happy Elf, Connick’s first picture book for children available this holiday season from Harper Collins, Music From The Happy Elf is the fourth edition of Marsalis Music’s ongoing Connick on Piano series.  Accompanied by two mainstays of his big band, Neal Caine on bass and Arthur Latin on drums, Connick revisits songs he originally penned for The Happy Elf stage musical, delivering spirited  new interpretations and a fresh perspective.  This assortment of upbeat and playful instrumental songs performed by the Harry Connick, Jr. Trio is sure to make you and your family smile, and maybe even dance a little, as you bake cookies, write cards, and wrap presents this holiday season.

Written with charm and wit, Connick’s children’s story, The Happy Elf, follows Eubie, the happiest elf in the North Pole.  More than anything else, Eubie longs to be a part of Santa’s sleigh team. Instead, he’s stuck checking the naughty-or-nice lists. Then one Christmas Eve he sees something strange: in the whole town of Bluesville, not a single person has been nice. With a pinch of elfish magic and a magical whoosh, Eubie’s off to Bluesville. But can he turn a whole town of naughty children nice in just one day? Hoping to introduce a new generation of children to the joys of jazz , Connick has crafted a musical landscape against which Eubie’s story unfolds.

Originally a joyful tune recorded for Connick’s 2003 best-selling holiday album, Harry for the Holidays, “The Happy Elf” has been the inspiration for an animated Christmas television special, a full-length stage musical, and now a children’s picture book and this full-length music release. Comprised of thirteen tracks, Music From The Happy Elf includes jazz renditions of songs from The Happy Elf stage musical, as well as a read-along of The Happy Elf picture book narrated by Harry himself.

Collected together for the first time in one recording, Music From The Happy Elf offers a new holiday tradition for the entire family.

The Harry Connick, Jr. Trio
Harry Connick, Jr. piano
Neal Caine bass
Arthur Latin drums

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