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Doug Wamble

The two years that separate Bluestate, the new Marsalis Music album by Doug Wamble, from his debut disc Country Libations have been a period of intense work and impressive growth. The guitarist/vocalist/composer and his rhythm section of pianist Roy Dunlap, bassist Jeff Hanley and drummer Peter Miles have been touring extensively, writing new material, and honing what has been recognized as one of the most unique and compelling new sounds in the jazz world. Read more »

Country Libations
Doug Wamble

Say it as if it were spelled “womble,” and you’ve got the correct the pronunciation of Doug Wamble’s last name. Catch the echoes of such diverse giants as Louis Armstrong, Hank Williams, Robert Johnson and Ornette Coleman in Wamble’s music, and you begin to sense the uncommonly broad pool of inspiration from which the 30-year-old guitarist, vocalist and composer draws. Read more »